Varsity II Basketball

Pool Shot Varsity II water basketball game for swimming pools stands at the top of commercial quality pool games for its strength, durability, easy assembly and its simply gigantic cool factor. Its regulation size rim and oversized backboard bring the feel of an NBA game into the swimming pool.


Pool Shot Varsity II combines the patented winged backboard of the pioneering Pool Shot Varsity with a breakthrough, all-plastic design. No metal support poles and no rust. This is a rugged unit designed to withstand the non-stop, rough and tumble gameplay of your most aggressive teenagers. Two people can set it up in minutes and it can stay outside all year or store it fully assembled seasonally.


The Pool Shot signature winged backboard keeps airballs and other wide shots from leaving the pool and returns scoring shots to the shooter. It also creates new angles for banking trick shots from all over the pool. The backboard is set within a durable, one-piece base. Fill it with pool water or sand for the stability to safely absorb one cool jam slam dunk after another in the pool. Jam it safely with the Varsity basketball two.


It also safely stores both basketballs in the base when not in use.

Comes complete with regulation sized rim, net, two waterproof basketballs, decals and stainless steel hardware.

Ships by truck, not UPS.

Get two and play full court Pool Shot water basketball!

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